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School management: Ms. Steinert, headmistress

Telephone: (03 76 02) 6 43 36
Fax: (03 76 02) 1 84 52


School authority: Zwickau district
represented by Dr. Scheurer, District Administrator
Robert-Müller-Strasse 4-8
08056 Zwickau
Phone: 0375 4402-21001
Fax: 0375 4402-21009

If you have complaints, tips or suggestions, please first contact the person responsible for this website: Ms. Steinert, headmistress.


The persons responsible for these web pages make it clear that they are not responsible for the content of linked pages.


All materials (texts, images) presented here by members of the school and produced by them are the property of the school that is worth protecting and is subject to the legal copyright provisions of Germany. The use or transfer of content, images, logos, design, etc. in any form - even in part or in part - requires the approval of the headmistress of the Christoph-Graupner-Gymnasium Kirchberg.

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