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A short recap of our trip to Estonia

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Lana Brückner

12. Oktober 2022

A short recap of our trip to Estonia

On 3rd October nine students of our school packed their bags 🎒 and joined Mrs Perchmann and Ms Gerisch on an exchange trip to Estonia. Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, all of us were able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience almost for free. 💵

Our first day's motto was sTARTUps which is why we started off by visiting "Enterprise Estonia" and afterwards were given a tour of the modern Delta building, belonging to Tartu University. We learned a lof of interesting facts about entrepreneurship and innovations. 🖥️

The destination of the second day was the beautiful capital Tallinn with a tour through its Old Town 🏰. In the PROTO museum, we entered the magical world of inventions. Later we travelled into the dark history of Estonia being occupied by the Soviet Union with a visit in the KGB museum.😮

Finally, we got the chance to see our exchange students' school 🏫 and later on took a hike through the breathtaking landscape of Estonia where we also had a barbecue🪵. In the evening, we had the opportunity to dance, sing and learn with the indigenous Setos 🪗.

Thank your Erasmus for this unforgettable experience! ☺️

Instagram: cgg_meets_estonia


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